Measuring For a Dog Collar


 Measuring for the perfect sized Dog collar


top pic

Getting your dogs collar made to measure means it should fit perfectly on the middle hole of the 5 (unless the dog is a pup, see the note below)

To ensure a correct fit measure the current collar from the bottom of the buckle to the hole it fits comfortably on, the example below is worn at 18.5″, this would be the ‘best fit’ size and would be the measurement you would order the collar made to.

start measurement fit hole

If you don’t have a collar then use a dressmaking tape measure or string to measure around your dogs neck, put it snug but not tight, you should be able to get 2 fingers underneath comfortably, this is your best fit size


Puppies and young dogs

We would like to think that a CB Leather collar would be the only collar your dog would need, however for young dogs it can be hard to gauge how much they will grow.

We generally advise waiting til they are around 6-8 months to get a collar from us and make the hole that it fits on either the smallest or the second smallest, this allows for a few inches of growth around the neck, measuring up follows the same guidelines as above but please let us know it is for a puppy so we know how to place the holes